Editor of Adresseavisen and Director at the Polaris Media Lab, Norway

Core areas of expertise: Digital Development, Innovation, Future Media Technology

Rolf Dyrnes Svendsen is Editor of Adresseavisen, Norway’s fifth largest news- and advertising media house. With ten additional local newspapers situated in the mid-Norway, Adresseavisen is by far the largest company and the digital powerhouse of Polaris Media Group. He is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) founded in January 2015 by WAN-IFRA, the World Association of Newspaper and News Publishers. Rolf is also Editor/Director at the Polaris Media Lab. The media lab, located in Trondheim, is supporting more than 30 newspapers in the Polaris Media Group, providing software development and maintenance for editorial and commercial purposes. The media lab works closely with Schibsted’s digital development units with co-location of development teams at Schibsted Tech Polska’s Krakow operations. Rolf is also Chairman of the board of NxtMedia since 2011. Nxtmedia is an innovation cluster for the media industry in Middle Norway including newspapers, broadcast and web industry, universities and media software industry aiming to promote innovation and future media technology. Leading companies member of NxtMedia include Polaris Media, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, MKT Media in Swedish Stampen Group, Norwegian Media Businesses’ Association (MBL) and New Media Network.