Kirk MacDonald


Executive Vice President of Sales and Sales Development, Digital First Media, USA

Core areas of expertise: digital and print media, digital solutions, sales

Kirk is the Chief Revenue Officer of Toronto Star and co-founder of Pyramid Media Partners, headquartered in Toronto, ON and Denver, CO. Mr. MacDonald has a deep background in both traditional and digital media.

He was founder of AdTaxi, a digital services agency and ad network that grew from a single newspaper test in Denver, CO to a nine figure top line business that operates in 166 cities and 6 countries worldwide.

Prior to that he was CEO of the Denver Newspaper Agency (Publisher of The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News). He was also a co-project lead on in 1995.

Mr. MacDonald is a frequent speaker on digital media; specifically demand side platforms and data. He has recently spoken in London, Dubai, Turin and Miami.